Rollei Starter Kit Mark II Soft 100mm

  • Rollei Starter Kit Mark II Soft 100mm
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Rollei Starter Kit Mark II Soft 100mm

A complete starter solution for anyone interested in a 100mm filter system.
The starter kit contains everything necessary for work with the 100mm system: a holder, adapter rings, a polarizing filter, a transition filter and a bag for safe storage and transport.

Rollei 100 Mark II Filter Holder:
The body of the holder is made of aluminium alloy. It is equipped with three slots for inserting 100mm square filters.
The holder is mounted on the ring with the simple patented Easy Lock system.
The holder is compatible with all square filters of 100mm systems from any manufacturer (filter thickness up to 2 mm).

Base Ring 82mm:
The Base Ring is a basic ring and is used to attach the filter holder to the lens.
If the lens has a thread diameter of 82mm, the Base Ring is screwed directly onto the lens.
If the lens has a different diameter, an adapter ring with the corresponding diameter is screwed onto the Base Ring. Adaptater rings with a diameter of 52 to 77 mm are inserted in the kit.

Adapter Rings:
The kit contains seven adapter rings for lenses with a diameter of 52 to 77 mm.

Polarizing Filter:
The kit also includes a special thin polarizing filter that screws directly into the Base Ring. Convenient rotation of the polarizing filter is ensured even after the lens holder is attached.
The polarizing filter is made of hardened Gorilla Glass and has an anti-reflective coating.

Graduated filter Rollei Mark II Nano IR GND8 (0.9) Soft 100x150mm:
The graduated filter is made of hardened Gorilla Glass, has a Nano anti-reflective coating resistant to water and grease and limited IR spectrum transmittance to achieve maximum color neutrality without unwanted color shift.
The filter has dimensions of 100x150mm and a thickness of 2mm.
It is supplied in a separate case with a magnetic closure.

The package contains:
1x  Filter Holder
1x  Base Ring 82mm
1x  Polarizing Filter
1x  Graduated Filter GND8 Soft (3-stops)
7x  Adapter Rings (52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77 mm)
1x  Sturdy Storage Bag