HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 55mm

  • HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 55mm
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HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 55mm

The filter has a sharp UV cut property that cuts out the UV light without having any negative effect on the colors in the visible light spectrum. UV light can potentially cause a haze and blue color cast in your image. The filter will reduce such negative effects, making your final image ultimately sharper and clearer.

The filter provides the ultimate protection for your lens physically and the excellent quality ensures that you will never have any unwanted change of colors in your image. Owing to the ultra-hard nano coating, the HD Nano Mk II is a perfect fit for protecting expensive lenses that are used regularly in harsh conditions – without having to worry about constantly replacing the filter.

Key features:

Hardened Reinforced Optical Glass - special chemically enhanced optical glass that is a remarkable four-times stronger than normal glass, making it extremely robust.

Ultra-Hard Nano Coating - the 32-layers anti-reflective high-transmittance multi-coating on both sides of the filter glass greatly reduces the chance of any reflections caused by the filter.
The HD Nano Coating becomes a staggering 800% more scratch resistant than commonly used coating – and can even protect from direct wiping with steel wool! The smoothness of the coating provides the filter with stain resistance as well as water and oil repellent properties, making everyday cleaning as easy and fast as it can get.

HD Low-Profile Frame - the glass of the HOYA HD Nano Mk II UV is mounted with a special high-pressure press technology to the frame. This gives the glass an extra lasting stability, increasing the filter's overall sturdiness and prolonging its life-time greatly. The frame itself is ultra-thin, reducing the chance of vignetting immensely – making the filter absolutely compatible for wide-angle lenses.

Specification: HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 55mm

Filter type UV filter
Filter diameter 55mm

Video: HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 55mm