B+W UV 010 XS-Pro Digital MRC Nano 52mm

  • B+W UV 010 XS-Pro Digital MRC Nano 52mm
High-end UV filter.
The classic among the protection filters blocks the unwanted UV component contained in daylight. The invisible UV light occurs more in pure sea air and in the mountains, and can lead to blur and blue cast. The colorless UV filters are suitable for both analog and digital cameras and ensure more brilliant pictures. They can remain permanently on the lens to protect it from dirt and damage. A highgrade MRC Nano finish provides optimum reflection reduction.


  • high quality Schott optical glass
  • ultra slim 3,2mm XS-Pro Digital frame with front thread
  • the frame is made of brass
  • MRC Nano - Multi Resistant Coating Nano - 16 layers (7+1 per side)
  • Nano technology for extreme scrath resistance, water repellent, dirt repellent
  • made in Germany by Schneider Kreuznach
  • Brand: B+W
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