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NiSi Enhance CPL PRO Nano Titanium 95mm

  • NiSi Enhance CPL PRO Nano Titanium 95mm

Circular polarizing filter specially designed for use in landscape photography, because it enhances the colors desired in this genre. The polarization effect reaches up to 99%.

The filter is mounted in a titanium frame. The inner surfaces of the frame and the outer edges of the glass are finished in matte black to minimize the risk of possible glare.

Main features:
Color Enhance - color enhancement and up to 99% polarization
Ultra High Definition - high definition optical glass with minimized vignetting caused by light refraction
Anti-reflection coating - minimizes  reflections and glare
Nano coating - waterproof, oil resistant, stain resistant, anti-scratch and easy to clean
Ultra Slim Frame - ultra-thin ring with front thread and with the possibility of rotation
Titanium - the frame is made of titanium alloy, so frame is stronger and easier to handle on and of the lens

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